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Tiered Dental Services*

Provided by Patriot Health Florida, Inc.

A multi-tiered dental fee-for-service program, where you have access to dentists under THREE distinct scenarios.

Tier 1
At select participating schedule (A) Tier 1 general practitioners across the country, you will receive a no-charge exam and x-rays in conjunction with a paid annual cleaning. Participating providers abide by a fee schedule of fixed payments for most procedures. There are no waiting periods or pre-existing condition limitations on this plan, and all services including orthodontics are available immediately upon the effective date. Fixed schedule procedure rate savings are 25% - 60% on dental care, as compared to the American Dental Association surveys of usual and customary fees.

Tier 2
In the event a schedule (A) Tier 1 provider is not available in a given area, a secondary schedule participating dentist may be available at some of the lowest rates of any national dental network.

Tier 3
In the event a Tier 1 or Tier 2 dentist is not available in your area, please call a Customer Care Consultant for assistance in accessing a Tier 3 provider where available.

Click here for Tier 1 & 2 Providers

Click here for Tier 3 Providers

Sample Savings at Tier 1 Participating Dentists:
(Not available in all areas)

Common Procedures (adult) Your Cost Typical Cost** Your Savings
Oral Exam No Charge*** $81 $81
Complete Series X-Ray Films No Charge*** $133 $133
Filling, 1 surface permanent $50 $133 $83
Periodontal scaling and root planing $101 $242 $141
Root Canal therapy (anterior) $284 $694 $410
Crown-porcelain fused to base metal $470 $922 $453
Full Denture, upper or lower $507 $1,400 $893
Orthodontics, children age 16 and under $3,338 $5,809 $2,471

NOTE: Tier 1 dentists provide the greatest savings in the dental provider network. Complete schedule can be accessed by calling 800-292-3797. Prices on schedule are subject to change without notice. Network providers may NOT be available in certain areas.

*Patriot Health Florida, Inc. Program Features - Not available in some states.

**Source: American Dental Association, Survey Center, 2005 Survey of Dental Fees.

Contact a Customer Care Consultant for a sample fee schedule.

***In conjunction with annual check-up prophylaxis (cleaning) provided by participating selected general practitioners of Tier 1

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